About us

Excellent Dedication Limited is an education services provider intent on delivering the best quality education to schools, institutions and centres around Hong Kong. Our team of educators aims to bring you high quality service through a staff of qualified, professionally trained and experienced teachers in Hong Kong. We specialize in early learning at the nursery, kindergarten and primary levels in English and Putonghua. In addition to language education, we also offer extra-curricular music classes & sports.

We understand our clients have a wide range of needs, which must be satisfied to the best of our ability. It is our priority to listen to the client and tailor services to specifications ideal for the client in aspects of curriculum planning, teaching focus and curriculum content. We understand that every client has a unique profile of students with an array of backgrounds and abilities, so we hope to provide the best service that can suit their student educational needs.

Maintaining a healthy and close relationship with our clients is integral to our company’s philosophy. Achieving this requires a consistent quality of service from our teaching and office staffs. Our company strives to develop lines of communication between the clients and the teachers to ensure the needs of the clients are to be met to satisfaction. Feedback from our clients and teachers, along with regular quality control assessments of our teachers’ performance, enable us to effectively find solutions to problems or further improve the teaching services to the clients.

Our teaching staffs comprise of experienced, qualified instructors with a genuine passion for teaching children. Instructors themselves are given full, professional training in the courses they instruct, with careful attention to teaching methodology and class management.