English Bright Minds is a fun and innovative theme-based learning program where young children learn English in an active, engaging and happy environment. As an extra-curricular class or a supplement to an existing English curriculum, English Bright Minds learning provides an opportunity for students to learn, use and practice their English skills with a native English speaker.

Teachers engage students with a basic presentation of a weekly theme using various methods and class activities such as story reading, singing, activity worksheets and games. These are all used in conjunction to help build vocabulary and comprehension of the lesson’s theme. The overall aim of the course is to develop a student’s overall communication skills in English and nurture confidence in his or her ability. English Bright Minds learning is offered at kindergarten and primary levels.

English Bright Minds是一個嶄新和極具趣味性,並且是以主題形式打造出來的一個學習計劃。在這個精心設計的主題學習模式中,可讓幼兒主動地和活躍地,在快樂的環境中去提高他們的英語水平。

作為一個課外學習或校外英語補充課程,English Bright Minds提供一個良好的機會,讓每一位學生都能夠與以英語為母語的導師去溝通、學習和不斷的練習其英語技能。教師每週會透過不同的主題,運用不同的教學法和課堂活動,如閱讀故事、唱歌、趣味工作紙和遊戲等元素,相互配合運用,以幫助孩子們建立其英語詞彙和理解課堂主題内容的能力。本課程的主要目標是要發展學生的整體英語溝通能力,並培育和增加他們對學習英語的信心。English Bright Minds 為所有幼稚園和小學提供服務。我們所有的教師均擁有豐富的教學經驗,並且全都是受過專業培訓及擁有ELT專業資格的英語導師。