Do your kids aspire to be the next great chef in Hong Kong? Enroll your tiny toque in our cooking classes. Our cooking program allows them to learn different types of ingredients, unique dishes, practice table manners and kitchen safety, and get their hands dirty while mixing, chopping, grating and whisking. And it’s all taught in English! What better fun way is there for your child to learn English? Our cooking course runs for 6-7 lessons with a new recipe each lesson. The best part of it all is that they get to bring their creations home for the whole family to enjoy!


此無火烹飪課程由英語外籍老師帶領小朋友一邊製作簡單西式美食, 一邊讓他們學習不同類型的菜餚及餐桌禮儀有關的英文詞彙和句子等等。 讓小朋友輕鬆愉快渡過一個有得玩、有得食、又有得學英文的暑假。這一切的最好的部分是,他們可以把自己的作品帶回家,全家享受!